Bison du Nord
Existing Farm Layout

Using existing survey plans and satellite imagery of the property, this enhanced farm layout was produced for planning and operational purposes, as well as for future marketing material.

Entrance Deck

To improve accessibility and safety of the main entrance, the deteriorated concrete steps needed to be replaced with a new deck. The Client needed construction drawings to obtain contractor quotes and a building permit. The finished wooden structure is complimented by a custom made metal handrail to create a very inviting entrance to this home.

Beach Gardens Property Development

During the planning process of a new lakeside property development, the Client needed presentation material to showcase their project to the municipality for approval and possible funding opportunities. rıvarc prepared a large presentation board with conceptual renderings of the new development and a proposed property layout. rıvarc will also be designing and drafting the construction plans for all houses, semi-detached homes and fourplexe buildings. Construction start is planned for this year.

Fire Ring Project

An example of a miscellaneous drafting project, rıvarc prepared the necessary review documents and final drawing files for this steel fire ring to be fabricated using a CNC laser cutter.

New Build House Plans

The Client wanted to build a new home on a lakeside property that had an open living space with big windows and a large deck overlooking the water. rıvarc designed the few modifications to the Client’s selected floor plan and prepared the required construction drawings for the building permit application process. This typical set of construction drawings also includes an estimated material list.

Existing Floor Plans

rıvarc can quickly and efficiently produce existing floor plans of your building. These house plans were prepared by using existing basic floor plans and by measuring the entire house to produce accurate floor plans of the existing space. Once completed, useful data like the square footage of the home can be calculated. The plans can also serve as a great starting point to plan potential renovations or additions.

Tri-Town Ski & Snowboard Village Chalet

The local ski hill is in need of a new building to better accommodate the staff, the growing number of visitors and the various activities that are available. rıvarc is working with a local builder and the board members to develop the design of the building. The general layout of the building is now finalized and a 3’x6′ presentation banner has been prepared to showcase the project in order to draw additional interest and funds from the public to realize this great project for the community. 

Let's Build Something Great

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