As a newly established design firm, rıvarc is excited to help bring your next construction project to life with professional architectural services.

Design Consultation

Not sure how to use your space or property? Let’s explore the best options for your construction project.

Planning at the early stages of your project is very important. rıvarc can provide a professional opinion on various aspects of your project including site evaluation and selection, site layout options that meet local by-laws and possible building options to ensure you have a clear goal for your project.

Conceptual & Preliminary Design

The first phases of design which explore, develop and finalize all aspects of your project before starting construction drawings.

Material completed in this phase can include conceptual site plans, floor plans, building elevations, interior and exterior 3D views and renderings and is typically used for the following:

  • Contractor Pricing
  • Funding Applications
  • Planning Applications
  • Council/Board Member Consensus
  • Promotional Material
  • Presentation Material
  • Marketing Material
  • Material Quantity Estimates

Construction Drawings

BCIN certified construction drawings for building permits.

This phase documents all aspects of your construction project in order to obtain your building permit. rıvarc can provide all necessary construction drawings for the following types of projects:

  • Single Family Homes
  • Multi-Family Homes
  • Garages, Decks, Structures
  • Commercial buildings
  • Low and Medium Hazard Industrial Buildings
  • Agricultural Buildings
  • Renovations, Additions and Interior Fit-Outs

For any other projects requiring a registered Architect or Engineer, rıvarc has trusted partners in the industry to get the job done.

By-Law AND Building Code Review

Determine the by-law and building code requirements of your project.

rıvarc can provide an in-depth review of your project to determine if it complies to all local by-law and building code requirements to ensure a smooth permit application process. 

Drafting & 3D Modeling

Custom services tailored to your needs.

  • Photo-realistic renderings
  • Virtual building walk-through videos
  • Presentation boards
  • As-built drawings and 3D models
  • Existing floor plans
  • Realty floor plans
  • Existing property site plans
  • Product drawings and documentation
  • Fabrication shop drawings
  • Landscaping plans

Scan your building into a digital 3D model.

Get any measurement at the click of a button! Once a building is scanned inside and out, existing plans can be accurately produced by using powerful 3D point cloud processing and modeling software. This is an ideal measuring tool for the following applications:

  • Large spaces with items high up on walls and ceilings
  • Substations with live electrical equipment
  • Industrial buildings with complex floor layouts
  • Capturing irregular shapes for fabrication purposes
  • Mining pits, tunnels and underground spaces
  • Create as-built 3D BIM models
  • Capture thermal imaging to identify heat loss/gain areas 

Let's Build Something Great

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